A Review of EOS Lip Balms, A Collection For Everyone

EOS has made a dedicated commitment to ensure that its lip balms are not only the top quality available on the market, but contain the best possible ingredients available on the market. EOS, which is an abbreviation for Evolution Of Smooth, has been dedicated since day one to ensuring that each lip balm it puts out is not only incredibly aesthetically appealing, but contains natural ingredients that provide the absolute richest smoothness. This is one reason why women don’t simply buy an EOS lip balm, we carefully browse the flavors to find one that perfectly matches our personality and flavor desires. We all have our one go-to EOS that is packed firmly in our purse before any first date to ensure our lips are kiss-ready at the end of the night. Yet, we also carefully expand our EOS collection, as the new arrivals are so appealing to all five senses (mapleholistics.com).

The soft click of the EOS sphere is a treat for the ears. The round orb fits perfectly in our hands and a unique thumb divot makes it easy to open and easy to hold as we apply. The colors fit perfectly with each flavor, bright, bold or soft, depending on the scent and smell inside. And of course, each EOS flavor is perfectly crafted with the finest natural ingredients to delight our sense of taste and smell.

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The EOS lip balm lines vary from the original organic line, to the Visibly Soft line with extra moisturizers and to the new EOS Crystal line that is clear and wax free for the first time ever. Each holiday season, wonderful specialty lines roll out and the EOS Active with varying levels of SPF are perfect for those of us who want to protect our lips when we are outdoors during the warmer summer months.


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