EOS New Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm Review

If you are looking for a great medicated lip balm that will help your lips and help to alleviate the pain that comes with dry, cracked lips, look no further to the Medicated Pain Relieving Lip Balm by EOS. This lip balm has many great benefits and will help to aid in the healing process and help to prevent any further problems with your lips.

What is Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm?

Cooling chamomile lip balm is a great lip balm that is full of ingredients that will benefit your lips. The main ingredient is chamomile. Chamomile is a flower and from the flower, you can get an extract which is said to be good for many different ailments. The phenolic compounds work with your body as an antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is also well known for its hydrating benefits as well. It also helps to erase the signs of aging by getting rid of free radicals.

The lip balm also contains menthol which is an alcohol which is made for several types of mint. The mint is processed into an oil and then the menthol is made from that oil. The menthol will create a numbing like feeling and will help to relieve pain.

The lip balm also contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter to help aid your lips in healing. This balm is hypoallergenic and is gluten-free.

About EOS

Evolution of Smooth also known as EOS is a popular lip balm company due to their quality products and marketing strategies. They have quickly become one of the most recognizable products out there in lip care. Founded almost a decade ago by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubinsky, EOS has worked hard to bring hypoallergenic, paraben free and gluten free lip products to the forefront. EOS products can be found all over the world and are used by a number of celebrities (starcraze.com).

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