Richard Dwayne Blair is a sole owner and an executive of the wealth solutions corporation, located in Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions Corporation is an investment advisory organization that aims at providing the positive and significant difference in small businesses, families, individual’s lives. After he completed his education in 1993, Richard Dwayne Blair joined the financial industry services, and in 1994 he founded wealth solutions for him to be able to offer professional and personalized advisory services to clients. For a long period of time, he has sharpened his skills and knowledge in retirement schemes.

Richard Dwayne Blair believes all people need to do accurate planning in order for them to achieve their goals financially. For a successful financial plan, he advises a three pillar plan .This approach helps him view the financial situation of a client and his or her retirement needs and from that, he creates for them a holistic plan.

According to his three-pillared approach, his first pillar involves laying down the financial roadmap of the client. He determines the way forward by categorizing his client’s strength, goals, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. This phase helps him build a lasting and strong relationship with clients. This approach helps him have a deeper and clear understanding of the individual concerns and goals and helps him identify clear expectations.

His second pillar is based on developing long-term and effective investment tactic that is personally customized to his client’s unique liquidity needs. He further helps in reallocation of his client’s assets in order for them to achieve maximum performance captured during the upward markets periods and also minimizing the blow from the negative markets. From this, he tracks performance and compare it to the company or clients expectation, historical data and model goals.

Once Richard Dwayne Blair has ascertained client’s goals and ratified strategies for growth he reviews the client’s insurance needs. This is the third and final pillar. Since nobody has the knowledge of future storms, Richard Dwayne Blair helps his clients cover for these incidents adequately through long-term insurance, annuities and life insurance.



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