Lime Crime’s Cosmetic Revolution

Lime Crime is one of the wildest, most eclectic cosmetic brands on the market today. This brand is very popular with individuals that under the age of 35. The cosmetics are vividly-bright, which matches the brand’s essence. Founder Doe Deere has found a winner, and she has taken this small startup business straight to the top of the ranks. Deere has used her ingenuity and passion to turn the brand into a success. Some of the wildest colors can be found here, which includes utopia, salem, black velvet, red velvet, saint, wicked, cashmere, pink velvet, cupid, mercury and many more.

LimeCrime has now made it into the Chinese marketplace. The company has already enjoyed major success as well as major riches right here in the U.S. If you want to grow, then you’ll have to expand and this is what Lime Crime has done. By doing so, the company has had to by-pass many frustrating hurdles. One of the main problems with selling your products to a foreign land are the logistics. Shipping, handling and processing can be a nightmare, especially if you’re a novice to the field. On top of that, cosmetics that are sold in China must be tested on animals. Of course, this is a major problem because Lime Crime doesn’t participate in this type of behavior. The company is vegan as well as animal-cruelty free. For by-passing the issue, Lime Crime has decided to sell its products through an online platform named Revolve. Revolve has come right on time because it’s looking to begin in the beauty sector of business.

Counterfeiting is at an all-time high in China, and the country has already counterfeited Lime Crime’s lip topper product. Revolve will be used to promote only authentic products, and the platform will be the only place to purchase the products. By using this platform, Lime Crime has been able to advertise its products to people who want authentic products.

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