Securus Technologies Is Finding Ways To Keep The Public Safe

Securus Technologies designs innovative protective measures for guards and inmates of U.S. penal systems, as well as solutions to help keep the public safe. Rick Smith is the CEO and President of Securus Technologies located in Texas and Georgia. Securus has been investigating Facebook videos created by a South Carolina inmate with a contraband cellphone and placed on the internet. The Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) of Securus Technologies is working on stopping unsafe and illegal inmate activities like this. This inmate and others like him find it easy to use contraband cellphones to perform illegal acts that could endanger the public. The South Carolina correctional institution did not have any WCS technology installed because if they had, unauthorized phones would be unable to connect to a wireless network.


Securus is continually developing solutions to make sure that contraband cellphones are expunged in the nation’s prisons. As if this account wasn’t enough, Robert Johnson is going around the country to tell local, state, and federal politicians about how important it is to keep contraband cellphones out of the hands of prisoners. Mr. Johnson worked at a South Carolina correctional institution for more than 15 years. It was his job to seize contraband products like cellphones. Presently Robert Johnson is a consultant for Securus Technologies because he sees that innovative technology is the only way to stop illicit items from making their way into correctional systems and used by inmates. Mr. Johnson recalled an attempted hit via the cellphone by three inmates, on a child because the baby’s Uncle did something they did not like.


Johnson said that more than 8,000 cellphones have been confiscated in Florida prisons. Securus Technologies and their Wireless Containment System is being used in 3 Florida prisons and they are planning for more. Mr. Johnson has appeared before the Federal Communications Commission to talk about the dangerous hazards to the public in the use of illegal cellphone by incarcerated men and women. The Federal Communications Commission is involved because it has authority over the U.S. airwaves by cell phone providers. The WCS technology operates by recognizing all cellphone numbers connected to a correctional facility. If any unknown numbers try to connect to the wireless system, it is stopped immediately, and not allowed to go through.


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