Dr. Mark McKenna has Made OVME Successful

Dr. Mark McKenna is the Founder and the CEO of OVME, but that is not the first job that he has held. This man is not someone who has been sitting around and waiting for a good job to come his way, he is someone who has been working hard and who has earned the job that he has today. Dr. Mark McKenna worked hard to get through school, and then he started to practice medicine with his father. He joined his father’s practice while also working on starting up a project of his own. He launched McKenna Venture Investments while he was a part of his father’s practice, not content to handle just one job.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna had the idea for a business that he believed would do well. This practice has done great things, and it is something that worked out well because Dr. Mark McKenna knew what he was doing when he created it. Learn more about him: https://ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/DrMarkMcKenna-OVME17.htm

Dr. Mark McKenna is married to Gianine McKenna, and the two of them have a daughter together. The man has shared that he likes to get up with his daughter in the morning so that his wife has the chance to get a little extra sleep. When he was talking about his typical schedule in an interview, he shared that he spends time having breakfast with his daughter before he gets started with his day.

When he was given the chance to share about how he got the idea for OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna mentioned that he saw many opportunities through the years to disrupt the medical aesthetics industry. This company was created to do just that, and it has been successful in the work that it has taken on.

His Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/drmarkmckenna

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