Finally Saying Goodbye to Dry Hair and My Shampoo with WEN by Chaz

     As a beauty blogger, I often have to take on daily regimens that at best sometimes add an extra hour to my mornings and at worst have me questioning if I may have to start investing in head scarves. Though with a number of regimens I have tried, I have yet to find a perfect solution for the most basic of life questions, how do I permanently say goodbye to dry hair?

Through PBR omelette hair treatments, cayenne cleansers, and a few DIY conditioners I had still not yet found one way I liked, though going throughout week smelling heavily Pabst made for an interesting work week, that was until I tried out what another beauty blogger had tried turning me on to months before. She had given up on using shampoo entirely, instead opting to use only conditioning cleansers every time she would normally shampoo.

After having denied the evidence for more coffee dates than is realistic, I asked how she was enjoying her switch to the “no-poo” lifestyle as it is humorously dubbed. Though her hair spoke for itself, she armed me with an extra bottle of WEN by Chaz that she had laying at her place.

WEN by Chaz for a Healthier Scalp and More Beautiful Hair

Now two weeks into the no-poo life and I have noticed a vast improvement in how my hair looks and feels.

Grab your bottle of WEN by Chaz here.

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