Troy McQuagge’s Excellence in the Health Insurance Industry

Troy McQuagge is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc., an insurance company that offers innovative health protection services for small businesses and self-employed persons. The Texas-based company focuses on combining the talents of its agents and employees to develop profitable insurance and competitive market products. Troy McQuagge was named chief executive officer of the Year by One Planet Awards. He joined USHEALTH Inc. in 2010. He channeled his efforts towards rebuilding USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency. Owing to this success, Troy was reelected to serve as the president of the group in 2014. While receiving the award, Troy dedicated it to the entire USHEALTH Group. He posited that this achievement was a testament of the company’s ongoing commitment to make clients access and afford healthcare by availing innovative health coverage solutions. During McQuagge’s term of office, the company reported high growth rates and enhanced profitability margins in the highly competitive market for individual health insurance.

In 1983, McQuagge graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the esteemed University of Central Florida. He has spent much of his career life marketing health insurance products. Troy has a broad experience in the insurance sector. He began his career in 1983 by working for Allstate Insurance Company. Later, he joined United Insurance Companies Inc. where he worked for a division of United Insurance. In 1997, Troy was appointed to serve as the president of an agency of United Insurance Companies. During his tenure, he managed to set many annual sales records. Troy was tasked with the duty of leading marketing and sales functions of United Insurance. Later, private equity investors acquired the company and changed its business name to HealthMarkets.

The prestigious One Planet Awards program is a worldwide premier awards initiative that honors professional and business excellence in all industries. All organizations from every part of the globe are eligible to submit their nominations for the award. These entities include private and public corporations, non-profit and profit-making companies, as well as small, large and new enterprises. The awards zeroes in on various categories, including teams, new services and products, executives, public relations, organizations, corporate communications, and marketing.

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