Andy Wirth – Active Community Member Succeeds in Opposing Incorporation of Olympic Valley

Andy Wirth is no stranger to challenges in the resort business. He has many years operating and owning ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. Around the same time after a drought severely limited the amount of snowfall which could impact the winter season, the ski resort owner received a little bit of hopeful news. For him, the olympic Valley Incorporation of the areas of his resort into the local town could be a potentially devastating business issue. Luckily, this was opposed successfully as a local town council could make a decision which would have a devastating impact on the local tourism industry. The ski resort currently is influenced by the Placer County supervisors. A town council would be more likely to make an unfavorable decision with regard to land use which would have a major impact on the Squaw Valley resort. The resort contributes greatly to the local economy, and is also a major employer which would stand to be lost without a good business.
He began his career from the bottom ranks at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, spending 20 years there. Following his time at Steamboat Springs, he became the CEO of Squaw Valley. This was a time of major upgrades to the resort which resulted in many renovations that make the resort a great place to vacation. Thus, guests can have a very similar experience to the Olympic champions. Andy Wirth also made an appearance on Undercover Boss, as he went undercover to view the operations at his resorts as well as connect with the people behind those operations. 

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  1. Andy Wirth is as of now the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, whom has 25 years of involvement in the business. The motivation behind why the range is called Olympic Valley is that the 1960 winter Olympics were held in the zone. It is intended for essay writers canada to gather all that they have in order to make everything glow for them now.

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